New Years eve

Found yourself on a Dutch New Years eve party and stuck for words? With these words the night might turn out better than expected…

English Dutch
New Year Nieuwjaar
Champagne Champagne (French pronunciation)
Happy New Year Gelukkig Nieuwjaar
2013 (Two Thousand Thirteen) Twee duizend dertien
2014 (Two Thousand Fourteen) Twee duizend veertien
Best wishes for the new year De beste wensen
Cheers! (when drinking) Proost!
12 o’clock Twaalf uur

Counting down

Does the clock almost strike twelve? Join in in a Dutch countdown ending in a happy newyear!

English Dutch
Ten Tien
Nine Negen
Eight Acht
Seven Zeven
Six Zes
Five Vijf
Four Vier
Three Drie
Two Twee
One Eén
Happy newyear Gelukkig nieuwjaar!