What powerplugs are used in the Netherlands?

If you’re visiting The Netherlands from outside of Europe and quickly want to charge your laptop or phone you might be in for a surprise. The wall outlets (sockets) – and the accompanying power plug you’ll need – might be a bit different here than you are used to.


All of Europe uses 230 volts as the standard voltage. The US, China and large parts of South America use a different voltage. For instance, the standard voltage in the US is 120v. It’s not a good idea to plug your 120v electrical devices into the European 230v powergrid. You’ll probably end up burning out your device. To safely charge your devices on a Dutch power outlet you’ll need to have a voltage converter.

Power plugs and outlets

In the Netherlands power outlets of types C and F are used. In the US, power outlets of types A and B are used. You guessed it, plugs from type A and B don’t fit in type C and F sockets. You’ll need an adapter for that. Wondering what type of converter and adapter you’ll need? The hugely useful website world-power-plugs.com lets you easily select what country you’re from and advises on the type of converter and adapter you’ll need.